Tube Fabricating Equipment     View Catalog  
Tube Cutting & Deburring tools
Par-Lok Wrenches
Hand Tube Bender
Exactol Tube Bender & Accessories
Hydraulic Tube Bender Accessories
Center Push Tube & Pipe Bender & Accessories
Flanging Tools
bullet Parflange Units #1090 & #1009
bullet Parflange Units #1040 & #1025
bullet Inch and Metric Flanging Tooling for 1025 & 1040 Parflange Machines
bullet Inch and Metric Flaring Tooling for 1025 & 1040 Parflange Machines
Brazing Equipment & Accessories
Flaring Tools
210A Combination Flaring Tool (Sizes 2 to 10)
Vise Block with Flaring Pin (Sizes 4 to 32)
1015-1 Hydraulic Flaring Machine
Rolo-Flair  - Manual Rotary Flaring Tool  (Sizes 2 to 12)
Hydra-Tool Hydraulic Flaring & Pre-Setting Tool
Pre-Setting Tools
Ferulset Pre-Setting Tool (Sizes 2 to 32)
VOMO Pre-Assembly Bodies (4mm - 38mm)
KONU Cone Gauges (4mm - 38mm)
Hyferset Ferrule Pre-Setting Tool
Hydra-Tool Pre-Setting Components
HVMB Pre-Assembly Tool (for EO Flareless metric tube fittings)
EOMAT III - Pre-Setting Machine (for EO and EO-2 Fittings)
Tube Preparation Centers
Porting Tools
Thread Identification
O-Ring Assembly Tools
Sealants, Lubricants & Cleaners

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