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EO fittings are the most widely used bite type fittings in the world. The EO fitting is a flareless metric fitting that consists of a body, progressive ring (ferrule) and nut. On assembly, two cutting edges of the ferrule "bite" into the outer surface of the tube ensuring the necessary holding power for high operating pressures. Available in three series, the EO tube fittings and accessories are manufactured in accordance with DIN 2353 for fluid applications. Three series of EO tube fittings (LL, L and S) and accessories are manufactured in accordance with DIN 2353 on the basis of decades of experience. The three components of EO fittings are designed and manufactured to produce a strong, reliable, leak-free joint upon proper assembly.z

The heart of the EO-2 fitting is the new EO-2 functional nut with which previously metalically sealed tube connections can now be soft sealed. Naturally, all fittings in the EO-2 series are fully compatible with our Ermeto Original range of products and can be combined with these. For more demanding applications, in particular for new designs, we recommend the use of EO-2 fittings. EO-2, the latest development from Parker-Ermeto, is a fitting system with a soft seal on the tube side and a 24° cone according to ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353. The soft sealing and retaining rings are combined in a pair and are inserted into the internal thread of the nut in such a manner that they cannot fall out, so that these three parts from one functional element. This functional nut simplifies handling of the fitting and helps to minimize storage and procurement costs.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

1. Visible Bite — The critical ferrule to tube front bite is clearly visible to tube fitters & inspectors. The presence of the recommended bite virtually eliminates any risk of catastrophic blow-off. This is a very important safety feature.

2. Sealing Capability — EO fittings have demonstrated a remarkable ability to remain leak free under various service conditions ranging from sealing high vacuum and small molecules gases to high pressure hydraulic fluids.

3. Disturbed Stresses — Stresses due to service flexural loading are distributed at several points in the joint, thus stress concentration in the bite is minimized.

4. Vibration Control — The rear bevel of the ferrule firmly grips tubing, thus dampening the effects of system vibration in the joint.

5. Progressive Ring Design — The progressive ring design provides a second bite for improved reliability and higher working pressure capability. This design also decreases the risk of improper assembly because of the sharp, high torque rise which occurs when the fitting is properly tightened.

6. Envelope Size — EO fittings are comparatively small and compact, making it a suitable selection for plumbing in limited or tight space.

7. Temperature Rating — EO fittings are suitable for sub-zero through elevated temperature applications. Service temperature rating is limited by the material chosen.

8. Compatibility — Since EO fittings can be manufactured from a wide range of metals, its compatibility factor with various fluids and atmospheric conditions is virtually limitless. One simply has to select and specify Ferulok fittings from an acceptable material that best satisfies the service conditions.

9. Tube Wall — EO fittings are suitable for use with light wall, medium wall, heavy wall, and extra heavy wall tubing. (Light wall tube may require support sleeve (VH), as shown on page J12 of the catalog.)

10. Re-Usability / Remakeability — Joints can be disassembled and reassembled many times to facilitate system maintenance. This reduces the labor and material costs that would otherwise result from tube and fittings replacement.

11. Assembly — No expensive, complicated tooling is necessary to assemble EO fittings. Assembly is simple when the procedures described on pages J8 through J13 of the catalog are followed.

12. Materials — EO fittings can be manufactured from almost any metallic material. The more popular materials currently used for EO fittings are: stainless steel, carbon steels, brass, and monel. On request the Tube Fitting Division will machine EO fittings from other appropriate material specified by users.

13. Manufacture — EO fittings are manufactured under tight quality control which ensures that the product routinely satisfies or surpasses the requirements of the pertinent military and industrial standards.

14. World Wide Popularity — The bite type fitting design has worldwide acceptance and is especially popular in Europe.

15. Finish — Steel EO fittings have a zinc gold chromate finish. This finish provides good corrosion protection.

16. Silver Plated Nuts — Stainless steel tube nuts are pre-lubricated with silver plated threads (size 15L-42L, 12S-38S). Thread galling is eliminated and assembly torque is reduced as much as 40 percent. This increases the speed and efficiency for stainless steel fitting assembly.

17. Availability — EO fittings are available as standard in over thirty different configurations, and as many as twenty-seven different size combinations in some configurations.

18. Configurations — Popular configurations for EO fittings are shown in the Visual Index on pages J2 and J3 of the catalog. Other configurations can be manufactured on request.

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